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Newroad Media opened its doors in 2011, and has been producing high quality television for an international audience, ever since. We are working with major broadcasters from around the world including; Discovery Channel Canada, ScienceChannel U.S., PBS, Animal Planet, A&E, Discovery Fit and Health, and DiscoveryWest. In a few short years, Newroad Media has built a reputation for innovative storytelling with a visual style that pushes the boundaries of factual television. It’s TV that’s just plain good. Its founders share a passion for making shows that captivate an audience through gripping narratives told with a distinct visual edge. It’s their gold standard for quality that is drawing the best talent Canada has to offer the world.

Ann Marie Redmond


Ann Marie Redmond has worked as an award-winning producer, director and broadcaster of factual television for 25 years. She has a passion for telling great stories with journalistic edge and unique visual treatments. Her reputation as a journalist and filmmaker was built at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where Ann Marie produced and directed everything from investigative documentaries for CBC’s flag ship program, The Fifth Estate, to two-hour feature length network specials. Her work both as a journalist, and a creative storyteller, has built a stellar reputation amongst her peers.


Prior to launching Newroad Media, Ann Marie was an executive producer of programming for Discovery Channel Canada. She oversaw the development and production of hundreds of hours of original Canadian series along with international co-productions including Monster Moves, Austin Steven’s Adventures, Journey to the Edge of the Universe, and Earth: The Making of a Planet. Ann Marie was also the broadcast executive supervising Discovery Channels’ international format hits, Canada’s Worst Driver and Canada’s Worst Handyman.


Since launching Newroad Media in 2011, Ann Marie Redmond has executive produced Curious and Unusual Deaths (19X30) for Discovery Channel and A&E UK, Close Encounters (13X30) for Discovery Channel and Science U.S., now going into it's second season and My Wild Affair (4X1), a co-production with Blink Films for PBS, Animal Planet Canada and Discovery West.

Marlo Miazga


Marlo Miazga has been collaborating with some of the leading voices in Canadian television for 20 years. Before launching Newroad Media, Marlo worked as an editor, series producer and creator of both factual and dramatic television.


As a graduate of McGill University’s Film and Communications program and the Canadian Film Centre, Marlo launched her career as a film editor. Some of her notable credits include: Peter Wintonicks’ multiple award winning NFB feature, Cinema Verite: The Defining Moment; CBC Comedian Rick Mercer’s five-part series, Tuning In; Greig Dymonds’ comedy series for CBC, Jimmy MacDonald’s Canada; Paul Fox's psychological feature thriller, The Dark Hours; Ann Marie Redmonds’ Gemini-nominated feature documentary, Sex, Drugs and Middle Age; and the Gemini -award winning documentary, Too Colourful for the League.


For the past 7 years, Marlo has been the Editor in Residence at the Canadian Film Centre, where she has mentored and advised on more than 40 films. She is one of Canada’s leading voices when it comes to the art of film editing. Marlo has also built a reputation for creating and producing factual television that draws on her deep roots in drama. Recently, Marlo created, series produced and executive produced Curious and Unusual Deaths for Discovery Channel Canada, and A&E UK where it has been a ratings hit. Curious and Unusual Deaths season 1 and 2 is now airing in over a 200 territories.


Marlo has also just co-created and executive produced Close Encounters for Discovery Channel and Science U.S., a series that brings to life the most mystifying UFO encounters from around the globe. Close Encounters has just been greenlit for its second season. Marlo has assembled a cast of Canada’s top talent to produce the series including a multi-award winning dramatic production and VFX team.


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